150 Shades of Play: A Beginner's Guide to Kink

150 Shades of Play: A Beginner's Guide to Kink

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Whether you loved the Fifty Shades of Grey erotic trilogy by E.L. James, hated it but couldn't put it down, or never read it but think your sex life could use some serious spicing up, then 150 Shades of Play is for you! This helpful (and hilarious) illustrated A to Z guide includes:

- How to's on role play, dirty talk, spanking, bondage & more
- Important safety info missing from the Fifty Shades trilogy
- A voyeuristic peek at all of Christian Grey's "hard limits"
- Tips on shopping for top-of-the-line kinky accessories
- Notes on what the Fifty series got wrong about BDSM
- Everything beginners need to know to get their kink on!

Brought to you by America's sex-writing sweethearts EM & LO, 150 Shades of Play will help make your Christian & Ana fantasies a reality-safely and sensually!

Format: Paperback