After Dark Essentials Foam Toy Clean

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After Dark Essentials Foaming Toy Cleaner keeps things clean, so you can get back to getting down and dirty without a worry. From enjoying personal playtime to exploring toy play as a couple, disinfecting toys regularly is an important part of maintaining your pleasure play.

To properly remove lubricants, fluids, and dangerous bacteria, this eco-friendly toy cleaner is a powerfully safe and effective intimate toy cleaner. The powerful germ-killing cleanser has been formulated to gently disinfect erotic playthings and sex toys.

The cleaner is supplied in a handy 4-ounce bottle, with a convenient ergonomic pump-action foaming nozzle for direct application. The water-based cleaner is sure to prolong the life of latex, rubber, TPE, and silicone toys, so you can enjoy a long relationship with your favorite bedroom buddies.

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.