Belinda Blinked; 3

Belinda Blinked; 3

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An erotic story of sexual activity, dripping action, and even bigger business deals; Keep following the sexiest sales girl in business as she continues to earn her huge bonus by being the best at removing her tight silken blouse.

Welcome back to Belinda's world of global pots and pans sales. Things are heating up quite nicely what with potential new promotions and more dalliances with the increasing customer clientele and their acquaintances.

Belinda gets the chance to again wear her sexy showjumping outfit giving off good vibrations which enable her to meet a very haute couture contact. An international job always means more travel and Belinda oddly finds herself in another very sticky European situation.

It would be impossible to not let her primal feelings show through and have a couple of dog days but as always Belinda does her best. The pace is however intoxicating, as she eventually finds time to assess the first of her Regional Sales Managers. But there is time to relax with the Glee Team as they destroy all the rules of female behavior whilst grabbing a bit of much-needed sand, sun and sea.

With New Guinea artifacts and more new customers to satisfy it's all go. Finally, it's back to London where Belinda gets an opportunity to assess the second of her Regional Sales Managers as well as the spiral staircase leading from her garage to her laundry room.... what more could you want... well perhaps the cliff hanger of all cliff hangers?