Belinda Blinked; 4

Belinda Blinked; 4

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An erotic story of sexual prowess, sexy characters, and even bigger business deals whilst the darkness increases; Keep following the sexiest sales girl in business as she continues to earn her big, huge bonus by being the best at removing her tight silken stockings.

From Rocky Flintstone, the self-published author who put the 'rot' in Erotica, the 4th book of the Belinda Blinked series leaves the faithful reader again gasping for oxygen as treason threatens the very fabric of our world.

Belinda Blinked 3 ended in high suspense as super villain Herr Wolfgang Bisch exposed his plans to dominate the world of Pots and Pans, taking Belinda's company down in the process. But, Belinda has set a blistering pace and her customers are unrelenting, they need Belinda to be on top of her game as they continue to order more and more of the products they so love from their favorite International Sales Director.

After all, a pot is a pot and a pan is a pan... so why not buy them from the best? Yes, great sex, betrayal, large breasts, and hotel room chatter, never mind the odd bottle of Australian Chardonnay, a Gin and Tonic and even better consensual sex all come together to give you... faithful reader, a sexually charged atmospheric ride through Belinda Blinked 4... You've been warned!