Kink 101

Kink 101

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Add a healthy dose of BDSM to your sex life. Experience the difference.

One of the biggest misconceptions about BDSM is: It's violence.

That's nonsense.

BDSM is an additional flavor in your bedroom. It's a safe sexual role-playing game between you and your partner.

Explore your fantasies, live out your sexual desires, experiment with pain and pleasure.

Building on personal experiences, and tons of research, this book stretches the importance of communication and safety (in a very non-boring way) and walks you through the most critical steps in building a long-lasting relationship for both Doms and Subs.

The 350 pages include two great books on this topic:

  • Submissive Training: Be Sexually Vulnerable, Explore Your Fantasies and Transform Your Sex Life With Spectacular Experiences
  • Introduction to the Submissive Lifestyle and Thrilling BDSM Experiences

Are you ready to start your BDSM training?

Format: Paperback