Millennial Sex Education: I've Never Done This Before

Millennial Sex Education: I've Never Done This Before

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Millennial Sex Education is a collection of fictional novellas and short stories. This book takes us into the minds and experiences of six different narrators as they each try things they have never done before. The unique intimate moments they each create for themselves allow each character to discover a partner who in turn helps them understand their own desires and sense of self.

We meet and experience Millennial Sex through these narrators, and we discover more about each character as the series unfolds, both through their own perceptions and through the eyes of their partner.

This book is the basis for Spring Up's sex education curriculum and is appropriate for ages 16+. Sex education should prepare young people to make informed decisions about their bodies & futures, and learn the skills to protect themselves while respecting the rights of others.

This edition includes discussion and reflection questions mixed into each story to begin these much-needed conversations about gender, sexuality, communication, and violence.

Format: Paperback