My Girlfriend's Pregnant: A Teen's Guide to Becoming a Dad

My Girlfriend's Pregnant: A Teen's Guide to Becoming a Dad

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Your girlfriend is pregnant. Now what? For teens faced with an unplanned pregnancy, the news can be devastating. Typically, most attention is focused on the needs of the mother, but teenage fathers also face a future filled with fear, doubt, and guilt. My Girlfriend's Pregnant provides much-needed information and support for teens suddenly thrust into the role of father.

Based on interviews with teenage dads, social workers, and medical professionals, this book explores:
- What it's like to discover that your girlfriend is pregnant
- What to expect during pregnancy and childbirth
- The experience of parenthood--both positive and negative
- How involved the role of a teen dad can be
- How parenthood can affect young relationships
- The stress of being a teen dad
- The impact of abortion and adoption on young fathers

With an extensive list of further readings and resources to help with issues ranging from child support to bonding with your child, this book illustrates to young dads that they are not alone and that there are positive ways of dealing with the difficult choices that lie ahead.

Format: Hardcover