Ouch! Pain - Grain Leather Folded Slapper

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This beautifully crafted Folded Slapper has been designed to give intense spanking sensations to the buttocks, but it is so much more than that as sensations can be created all over the object of your desire. The Folded Slapper is made of a double-length of extra-thick, heavy and flexible harness leather that is both glued and stitched together at the handle. Meaning that this addition to your BDSM play is here for the long haul.

This solid slapper gives great impact, is flexible to conform to the shape of the area being targeted, whilst also being soft and silky to the touch. The Folded Slapper provides a soothing sensation when just rubbed on bare skin.

Total length: 60cm (23.6”).
Handle: 15cm (5.9”).
Weight: 270 grams.