Sex and the Single Grandma

Sex and the Single Grandma

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Format: Paperback

For women of a certain age looking for Mr. Right...sometimes you just have to laugh!

Author Lynn Garson wrote her latest memoir Sex and the Single Grandma because if you're over 50 and dating she knows you may feel invisible, undervalued, or preyed upon by potential suitors. This confused and upset her, so she wrote her book to make sense of it all. She couldn't help but laugh about her too-bad-to-be-true dating adventures, and now you can laugh and learn along with her.

Sex and the Single Grandma is a hilariously funny, touching, and dramatic memoir, in which Lynn shares her struggles with dating, sex, and defining her sense of self after divorce. You won't be able to put this book down as you get caught up in Lynn's unforgettable dating escapades...and lessons learned.

Sex and the Single Grandma is bold, provocative, and shockingly honest about the "maybe" Mr. Rights who became "Mr. Wrongs," as well as Lynn's efforts to balance her dual nature: Her love of romance and interest in sex...with her non-negotiable need for a stable, respectful life companion! (Ladies: That's not too much to ask!)