Em.Ex. Silhouette Harness

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Comfortably Fun, All Day Wear. An active lifestyle demands a comfortable, all-day, all-night harness. EmEx was designed for durability, comfort, and fit. The soft fabric provides stretch while keeping accessories firmly secure. With its durable elastic waistband and nitrile (rubber) O-ring, you can fly the friendly skies as TSA will never know you're wearing it.

High-cut style. Interior fabric panels secure toys and provide support. Built-in nitrile o-ring 1.5" (3.81cm). Designed with (2) bullet pockets to provide extra stimulation. Wicking material keeps moisture under control. Includes a travel pouch to carry your harness anywhere with ease.

NOTE: No Digital Retouching was done to the women modeling Em.Ex. 

Size Guide

Size Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra Large 2X 3X
Waist 20"-22" 23"-25" 25"-28" 28"-31" 31"-34" 34"-37" 37"-40"
Hips 30"-32" 33"-35" 36"-38" 39"-41" 42"-44" 44"-47" 47"-50"
Clothing Size 0-2 4-6 8-10 12-14 18-20 18 20