Sportsheets Vibrating Velvet Harness

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She wore black velvet blacker than the night! Seductive straps wrap snugly around her hips and frame her pretty ass. You are intrigued. Turned on. And then she turns around. Sporting as big of a dildo as you can handle (not included), this elegant and velvety strap on harness is durably constructed and includes 3 interchangeable O-rings to secure your dong.

An included bullet vibrator nestles in a well-positioned pocket to provide her with clitoral stimulation while she thrusts into you. Four-way adjustable straps ensure that this harness is compatible with a wide range of body types (adjust to fit up to 60 inches hips). Vibrating Velvet Harness includes 1 vibrator, 3 batteries, 3 Silicone O-Rings.

Materials: Polypropylene webbing, ABS plastic hardware, nickel-free metal, nitrile O-rings, polyester binding, CE registered mini-vibe, velvet polyester fabric combined with polyurethane foam.
Interchangeable rubber O-ring measurements: 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, and 2 inches. Machine washable.
Dildo sold separately.
Color: Black Swirl.