5 Aphrodisiac Recipes for Thanksgiving

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This Thanksgiving will most likely be more intimate than ever before thanks to Covid-19. So after you’ve had your family-friendly virtual dinner, why not enjoy some sensual delights with your partner? The following recipes will tantalize and delight.


 Chopped up Chocolate Bar

Photo by Charisse Kenion

Everyone knows that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, that’s why it’s so popular for Valentine’s day. But does it really work? Who cares! It tastes good, right? And that’s a good start to getting your engines revved. So why not try this Bacon and Chocolate Brussel Sprouts recipe to sneak chocolate into your feast. (And if this doesn't work, at least you have a new way to get the kids to eat their vegetables)


Person carving Turkey

Photo by Claudio Schwarz

We all know that turkey contains tryptophan, that lovely element that makes you want to take a nap after such a big meal. But did you know that it will also help to raise your libido? According to this fertility center, tryptophan can encourage the production of serotonin which is the hormone that makes us feel calm. And a calm person is much more likely to be in the mood. Try this turkey recipe by Alton Brown.

Chili Peppers

Colorful Chili Peppers in a row from green to yellow to orange to red on a black background

Photo by Viktor Forgacs

I’m from the south, and boy do we love our heat. Spicy foods, that is, definitely not the weather. 😉 So this recipe for jalapeño cornbread dressing really hits the spot. And because chili peppers can promote blood circulation in the parts that matter, it’ll help to heat up the bedroom, too! (And since November is National Impotency Awareness Month, I’d like to add that they can help with ED, too!)


A pile of pisatchio nuts

Photo by Joanna Kosinska

Pistachios are another food that may help with Erectile Dysfunction, and for the same reasons as the chili peppers. There has been a small study that men experienced increased blood flow and firmer erections when they had pistachios. However, this study wasn’t perfect, so take these findings with a grain of salt. Or better yet, try this study for yourself! (Science is sexy) Here’s a recipe for roasted carrots that has a healthy helping of pistachios.


 Strawberries in a plastic box

Photo by Engin Akyurt

Strawberries are another food that is well-known for being an aphrodisiac. And there’s an easy way to sneak them into your thanksgiving banquet: Simply add them to your cranberry sauce! Like chocolate, there’s no scientific basis for their arousal abilities, but also like chocolate, they are delicious. Not to mention nutritious. So, indulge!

Which aphrodisiacs do you think we should have included? Do you have a recipe that works well for this holiday and uses one of these ingredients? Leave a comment or email us at contact@temple-of-love.org

Happy Thanksgiving!

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