5 Ways to Have a Great Halloween in 2020

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2020 has thrown us some serious curveballs, not least of all the fact that Halloween is going to have to be dramatically different if we are going to celebrate this year. The pandemic means that we probably won't get to throw that big Halloween bash we were planning or go trick-or-treating with our little ones like we do every year. 

But all is not lost! Here are 5 ways that you can still have a great Halloween this year:

Horror Movie Marathon

Woman watching something on TV while eat popcorns

Host your own Netflix and chill. Here's a list of new horror films that are streaming now. Don't forget the popcorn! And if you really want to get into the Halloween mood, try these halloweenies, or make a cocktail to sip out of this skull cup

Wear a Masked Costume

Vigil Ante Costume. Deadpool Costume.

Incorporate that mask into your costume! If you'd like to try some socially distant fun choose a costume that will work well with your mask. Some ideas: superhero, ninja, plague doctor, nurse, and western bandit. If you like our Vigil Ante costume you can find it here. (We do not claim that our costumes prevent the spread of Covid-19 and suggest that you follow CDC recommendations at all time)

Virtual Haunted House

Take a virtual tour through a haunted house. You could tour an actual real-life haunted house like the Winchester Mansion, or you can binge youtube videos of people screaming like banshees while going through the fun, made up haunted houses. Here's a good place to start. My favorite part is when Lizzo screams, "Get yo ass out the way!"

Play Dress Up

Sex Halloween Costume

Halloween is the best time of the year to dip your toe into role play. Dress up in your favorite sexy costume and have a fun time with a partner. Here are our favorite masculine and feminine costumes.

Virtual Halloween Party

Virtual Halloween Party

Host your own virtual Halloween party. Send out invitations to your friends and family and get everyone online together. To make it extra sweet, send out a little Halloween candy to everyone. And to make sure everyone has a good time, here are some party games that you can play virtually.


Whatever you decide to do, have a happy Halloween!

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